The Villas are privately owned, and are a part of The Villages at Chaumette, LLC ©. The village resides on the grounds of Chaumette Winery and Vineyard ©.The reservation process is managed by The Villages at Chaumette, LLC ©. Villa 24 and 29 are maintained to the highest quality by the owners.


Villa 24 and 29 are perfect for private one or multi day getaways. These two villas can sleep from 1-8 individuals each (total 16 for both Villas). Perfect for birthdays and family functions, Spa getaway, small business groups (private meetings, brainstorming sessions, or possibly as a "perk" for employees or sales staff). Full feature Spa within walking distance. A corporate Board Room is available (owned by other members).


Villa 24 and 29 are specifically designed to meet many different needs. Full kitchens. LED TV in living room and all bedrooms. Bathrooms and bedrooms are designed with weddings or other events in mind (makeup and dressing amenities all accessible). Large decks for extra entertaining space. You name it, Villa 24 and 29 has everything you could wish for.


Welcome to Villa 24 and 29 from the owners and your hosts Brian and Brenda.

Our Villas are privately owned and are a part of the Villages at Chaumette © which is a part of Chaumette Winery and Vinyard ©. Located in the hills region between Mark Twain Forest and Hawn State Park, the area in unsurpassed in beauty.

This serene area is very reminiscent of the area around Aix-en-Provence - forrested hills and valleys, rivers, open plains. Within 20 minutes from historic Ste. Genevieve, MO - the first organized European settlement west of the Mississippi River, founded in 1735

20 minutes from Farmington and 60 minutes from St Louis activities.

Seven major wineries and two breweries with 10-20 minute drive.

The Business

The winery grounds actually contains multiple related business entities, owned as Limited Liability Corporations by Hank and Jackie Johnson.

On site you will find the winery and tasting room. There is also a rustic barn area plus a lovely chapel named St. Vincent's in the Vineyard, that service 50+ weddings per year. Many other events held here also.

Centrally located is a full feature Spa with pool.

In the tasting room, there is the Grapevine Grill, operated by world class chef's and their staff. Also housed in the building is a full banquet room with dance floor area to service various events.

Catering available for all events, small or large

And of course, there are the Villas, located within walking distance of the Spa.


If you wish more information regarding Villa 24 and 29 send your query to siteadmin@ourplace-sites.com

If you wish to reserve Villa 24 and/or Villa 29 and need no other services (catering, other villas, Board Room) simply contact (573) 747-1000.

If you require other services (catering, other villas, Board Room) you may request the events coordinators. They will talk you through the process

For general information of services please check out the website at chaumette.com ©

Things to Do

For things to do in Ste. Genevieve check out Ste. Gen

For things to do in Farmington check out Farmington

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